Genesis a8

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Genesis a8

does what nintendon't!

Second koth map I've made, abandoned it about 2 years ago but finally back because of some much needed inspiration from a friend of mine.
On the smaller side of mirrored symmetrical maps, it heavily focuses around interesting deathmatching using the maps varied elevation. Theme is still undecided, just wanted a map that looks pretty with trees, flowers, and a pink evening skybox.
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Video Games, you just pissed me off.

    - Reverted respawn times - Added a fence to south route, might be a little cluttered but we'll see - Adjusted spawn areas to make it so that the spawning team always has the high ground. - Added a little back railing to balcony
  2. Me and you can rule this city, Michael! Or, we can just race to the death! You choose, Spidah Man!!

    - Removed sun logic - Opened up north courtyard to make it harder for scouts and other classes flanking to rotate - North route to courtyard has less of a steep change in verticality - Health pack near mid pipes reduced to small - Some more ivy -...
  3. Your friend is waiting for you in the garage

    - Adjusted pack placement, added some small packs to the north side - Cleaned up some geometry - Slope fixture - Raised buildings so the sun isnt blinding people on BLU catwalk - Removed trees