General Medieval Tie

72hr General Medieval Tie v1

  • Site Migration: See bugs? Report them here. Want something changed or have an idea? Suggest it here.
  • Fixed couple small bugs
  • Now included in .zip :
    • README file
    • More clear ranged weaponry list
    • Known/Unfixable bugs list
    • Example resource list for server owners
    • Returned mvm_coaltown_gmt_icons.pop for testing purposes on server/client side
  • Fixed Giant spawning too early on first wave of Bigrock Endurance
  • Added endurance versions
  • Added generic version that "should" work on any map that follows conventional naming
  • Fixed file structure in .zip
Yes, it's (Alpha 3 Fix) Fix. *facetabling myself*
  • Fixed having improper relays on Mannworks and Rottenburg versions
  • Ported mission to Bigrock, Decoy, Mannworks, Rottenburg
  • Removed the _concept and _icons missions (maybe temporarily)
  • Nerfed airblast and damage push force:
    • Normal bots now suffer only half from normal
    • Giants now suffer NO effects from airblast and push
  • Fixed several missing attributes
    • "105 Scouts" - fixed missing crits
    • Several giants - fixed missing push/airblast attributes and slower speed
  • Removed increased banner length from Giant Escapist, it was just #2gud
  • Added first full-sized mission, probably unbalanced as ..heck.
  • Custom icons made
    • Credit to Valve and IG Iconpack creators for source content
  • Added mvm_coaltown_gmt_icons.pop to download to showcase all icons that will be used in missions
  • Organised .zip, now installing as easy as unpacking archive into /tf folder of client or server
  • Added some low level work on custom bots that wi be used in full size mission
Now i want to sleep. 11 PM. G'night, good luck all.