Gemini a3

Payload Split map featuring five (5) deer

  1. Startacker!
    Oh my! It appears that BLU team's cart has been split in two! How will they ever fix this? Perhaps they could use the Very Convenient Bomb Repair Warehouse? And then push their newly repaired bomb to RED team's spring? It's a bold plan! Let's see if it works...

    Payload Split is a gamemode akin to Gravelpit-styled maps, where BLU must push two carts to an area, and then have a final push with a third.

    20181227133248_1.jpg 20181227133300_1.jpg 20181227133310_1.jpg 20181227133324_1.jpg

    Split Payload Cart - Crash and Bakscratch
    LIGHTS and LAMPS Light #26 - Acumen
    Locked Door texture - Yrrzy
    Japan Content Pack - E-Arkham and Freyja

    This map (probably) accomplishes the following Payload Checklist requirements:

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