gd_summer b4a

Quite warm for winter, Eh?

  1. PigPig
    ~Created for the minor Guardian Dynamica
    Map by: pigpig xD!!!1!
    Missions by: FlipFTW

    Jump pad particle by: Yrr (used for consistency)

    adv Wretched Winter tide by FlipFTW
    exp Chaotic Christmas by FlipFTW
    exp Coaltown Caper by Valve (Edited exp coaltown)
    hell Midsummer Madness by FlipFTW


    Holographic dispensers (HOGS):
    Heals at the rate of a level 1 dispenser from afar, 2 dispensers up close, Gives players ammo.

    While a robot is inside the indicated circle, the hog will take 1 point of damage (with a maximum of 10 health).
    On destruction, stuns all robots in the vicinity.
    Hogs are restored on round complete.

    To stay in the fight, Teleportals!
    Deactivates when point A is captured.

    Situated near the end of the map.
    Only triggers on giant bots / bosses.

    Upon activation for 5 seconds, all robots passing through the gate are stunned for 15 seconds.
    Stun-Gates are restored on round complete.

    Why all the gimmicks?
    The goal is to try to make more class combinations viable. Taking the weight off of the Engineer's shoulders can open the door for more dynamic class combinations. However, the Engineer is still viable for retaking otherwise lost areas. Flip and I playtested extensively, trying different combinations of bots and player lineups to ensure a balanced play experience (with some obvious exceptions).


    For anyone interested in gd_summer. Read about its development!
    This document is more focused on the gimmicks and wave design than the level design. But Hey, if you have time to kill. Give it a read!


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  1. Fine tuning
  2. Beta 4
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Recent Reviews

  1. WanderingDudeTheMapper
    Version: b4
    ... Dude. So much skill is needed to make things liek these! Super good! Will credit you and add this to my server!
  2. FlipFTW
    Version: b1
    Creative Dynamic Mechanics as well as stunning graphical design.
    1. PigPig
      Author's Response
      I don't know this man! I swear!