gd_rodense A6

Destroy the enemy robots to claim victory

  1. Shorter and Quicker

    -Cap times are faster
    -Spawn times all around are lowered
    -Robot cores now have less health, from (1000,1500,2000) to (500,750,1000)

    These changes are to make attacking the robot less of a chore, and generally speed up gameplay / match length

    -added a 10 minute timer
    -Less confusing annoucer spam

    Self explanatory

    -Robot cores are now exposed on 2 sides for easier attacking
    -Robot Cores now glow, should help direct players what to shoot at

    These two changes should make the core the obvious weakpoint and help direct players on what to, where to go. The second door was added so you dont waste time trying to find the opening.

    -Redid side mid buildings
    -Added new tunnel inside the side mid buildings
    -Removed walls on mid platform
    -Shortened and squished mid a bunch

    Mid wasn't supposed to be a really big part of the map, just a way to connect the two areas and have small skirmishes. These changes should make travel quicker between the two areas, but might hit the optimization pretty hard.


    New Side building
    Squished mid + Open mid platform
    Cores now glow to help people understand that they should be shooting them

    -Fix current bot counter disappearing
    -Add 'defenses' based on current bot
    -Announcer Lines
    -Quick explanation texture in spawn
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