gd_rodense A6

Destroy the enemy robots to claim victory

  1. Heads up the Huds up - A6

    -New hud experiment
    • Using the robot destruction hud
    • Side effect of capture points being missing, instead the spotlights around the robot show current ownership
    • Getting the cp hud back up is top priority right now, but I want to see how a different hud played out
    -Trap and Bot Updates
    • Fire traps reduced to only 1 flame
    • Removed lower mid route laser traps
    • Removed Saws in side routes
    • Removed some fire traps, moved others back a bit
    • Flame bot has been reduced down to 4 flames, firing out diagonally
    • Blue cores appear blue now
    -Updated Current Bot Type Signs
    -Updated Instructions
    • Instructions display clearly at all texture qualities
    • Instructions are spray proof
    -New spawn exit
    -Mvm music is gone, no clue if its coming back
    -Added cover to the far off side buildings
    • That room is a necessary evil, ill keep trying to make it a viable route
    -Health and Ammo
    • Added more health to side route
    • Added some health on upper around the bot
    • Fixed some ammo not being mirrored on blu side
    • Changed kit in upper mid from ammo to health
    • Changed small kits in outer mid from health to ammo
    • Patches under health and ammo (I hope)
    -Clipped a few walls
    • Im sure I missed most of them, keep reporting them
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