gd_Pelago Beta 3

A Guardian map with All Class Buildings

  1. Box Of Paper

    Welcome to Pelago!



    I present to you Pelago, a map made for the Guadian Dynamica contest.



    All Class Buildings!


    Buy the buildings you like by using scraps dropped by the bots;

    You may like the " Stunner ":


    Be wary of the enemy! We aren't the only ones with a new ace up our sleeve...


    Those darn rockets will buff the bots, destroy them!


    The map is currently in Beta.
    Special thanks to @RIPY for helping around with the map and playtesting with me.

    You can play with any number of players you want, but the attached population file, which is just one wave, is designed around two players.
    Remember to use "tf_mvm_min_players_to_start 2" with "sv_cheats 1" to play with only two players.

    The wave is a demo, it features every dynamic element currently in the map:
    - Tutorial
    - All Class Buildings
    - Recappable Control Points
    - Buff Rockets
    - Buff Tanks
    - Dynamic WaveSpawn Display
    - [REDACTED]


    Cheat Codes:

    > ent_fire scrap_ammount add 5000
    Gain 5000 scraps

Recent Updates

  1. Beta 3 (Crash Fix)
  2. Beta 2

Recent Reviews

  1. FlipFTW
    Version: Beta 1
    This map isn't just a map, it feels like an entire gamemode, a map AND a sourcemod plugin all boiled into just a map, a very impressive accomplishment worth applauding.

    The sheer volume of mechanics and dynamic elements is enough to make my head spin, and make me giddy with excitement over the possibilities.

    Ironically this amount of features is probably my biggest complaint, as all the mechanics feel like they are chaotically steeping over eachother to take the spotlight.

    I'd be very interested to see the map continue to get updated, perhaps with more focus on individual mechanics and a set campaign rather than just a tutorial wave.