Gauge A2: Fuge Huckin Changelog

Gravelpit-styled A/d with some trains

  1. A2 Changes


    -Moved Point A from the bridge it used to be on to just behind the bridge (BLU's perspective).
    -Added a new building next to where A is. It has a bit of a quirky design, with a RED-favored ramp up to a balcony with cover, and a BLU-favored skill jump up to the balcony from the opposite side. The quirky thing is, the skill jump can only be utilized if B has already been capped and the boxcar train it summons passes by the skill jump. This was done to compensate for having to move the point off of the bridge, which was originally designed around potentially using B's train to land on the bridge by surprise via a nearby window (this can still be done, it just won't land you directly on the point).
    -Reworked the design of the mid building rooms connecting to A; The one way door was rerouted from the train tracks to the small cliff, and the second-story room with the open window (of which there are now 2 instead of 1) has been worked to connect to the one way door passage as well.
    -Added a skill jump up to the covered balcony at the middle buildings, as well as an extra door to the mid-to-B one way corridor.
    -Updated the localization files.
    -Moved B from just below the ledge near the train tracks to on top of the ledge. This change should make the one-way corridor and A's missile train more useful (since both can be used to take the ledge by surprise). The relocation of both A and B in general was done to increase the distance between them and BLU's initial spawn and decreasing the distance between them and RED's spawn.
    -Added a truck and some other props (including a make-shift ramp up to B's ledge) in place of where B used to be.
    -Reworked the right side (RED's perspective) of C to be more BLU-favored; the balcony that originally had a RED-favored ramp up to it no longer has a ramp, and an additional short hallway with minorly BLU-favored geometry now lies beneath it.
    -Reticulated splines
    -Added several more signs at C to better direct RED to A and B.
    -Removed the crates from the semicircle ledge at C to make it a more vulnerable sentry spot.
    -Moved the resupply cabinets in RED's spawn farther back to reduce turtling.
    -Tweaked several health and ammo pack placements around the map.
    -Adjusted respawn times for both teams (I can't remember what I did, I think BLU spawns slightly slower then before, RED spawns slightly faster before A and B are capped than before, and RED spawns slightly slower after A and B are capped than before).
    -Removed Herobrine.
    -Gave C a bunch of non-dev textures for some reason.
    -Fixed some places where you could get stuck (sorta) in rocks.
    -Fixed clipping/manually clipped some metal barrier props that were being dumb.
    -Fixed capturing a point summoning its train when the previous point had already been capped (with the right timing, you could have both trains spawned simultaneously, making them clip through each other, which was pretty funny but not at all what I wanted to happen lmao).
    -Increased the number of joke changelog notes per changelog.
    -Increased changelog length by over 9000%.

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