Garner A18


  1. Quality-of-life

    I've been on a mapping streak since summer started, so here's another update.

    Reduced the amount of empty space in this cave and made it fancy
    20190702171849_1.jpg There's a resupply locker here now, and the door was moved slightly so you have a straight shot from the ramp to the door. Also the door is now two doors that separate so it doesn't clip through the roof 20190702171828_1.jpg Added fog 20190702171908_1.jpg Widened the mid concrete high ground 20190702171916_1.jpg New roof shapes 20190702171959_1.jpg 20190702171953_1.jpg Opened up the peak a bit and added more cover 20190702172106_1.jpg

    Smaller changes include:

    - Did another optimization pass, adding occluders and prop fade distances

    - Made the upper capture zone larger

    -Added a nobuild to the small building at mid
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