Garden Center

Garden Center a5

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-Removed Left Route.
-Added Route to get to Mid from Right.
-Fixed Cliping Issue with Displacements at spawn.
-Changed Heath + Ammopacks and added more.
This version is more experimental, so let's see how it goes.
-Updated Lighting.
-Expanded Corridors to Mid.
-Added Custom Models.
-Fixed some Sightlines.
Potential Final Alpha before going into Beta. Problems with colition with the displacements at spawn still present.
-Fixed Lighting Bug.
-Removed the Right Flankroute.
-Made the the Left Flankroute larger.
-Shrank the Map.
-Improved Spawn Area.
-Lowered the Captured Area and Time to Capture
Added two new Flank Routes,
Shrank Spawn,
Made Mid bigger,
Fixed side route sightlines,
Changed lighting,