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Garbage a10

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Garbage a10

brain dump of a map

name will change, been wanting to make a ctf map for a while so I just dumped a few ideas I had down, map will most likely go through many changes.
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Capture The Flag
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Latest updates

  1. more tweaking

    -respawn timer adjustments -slight balcony adjustments -experimenting with a one way door out from the train room
  2. tweaks

    -updated underbridge geometry to allow more wiggle room -respawn timers tweaked, attackers get reduced respawn timers when in enemy base (may need to be tweaked) -some canopies have been tweaked for better rocket jumping -clipped off the roof...
  3. dusting off, again

    -lower bridge area tweaked -geometry by spawn tweaked -spawn room tweaked -train logic should be mostly fixed(?) -grate above intel opened up -probably plenty of other small tweaks I forgot