Futurama A2.1

Not sure if new map, or just update.

  1. v0nn_toaster
    This is A2
    A1 is here -> https://tf2maps.net/threads/futurama.32579/#post-414928

    Picture1.jpg Picture2.jpg Picture3.jpg Picture4.jpg Picture5.jpg Picture6.jpg Picture7.jpg
    better lighting
    Improved side rooms and props
    cleaned up the geometry
    added floors and sprays
    Has no health packs except for resupply locker
    Things that will be added:
    Trams to get to the other teams base and to places
    more alternative routes
    more buildings
    A train
    Instructions for running on server
    Open the map on your server and type net_maxfilesize 64
    This will allow BSP files over 64MB to run on your server
    *CTF_futurama is ~20MB*

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