Funtimes with Friends 2017-08-06

My first entry for the 72 hour jam. :D

  1. Chloemew
    I spent way too long making this thing, but it's finally done!

    I knew I wanted to try some SFM stuff for the jam, but wasn't sure what, so I ended up making a bunch of things and then making a corkboard-style image (do these things have an actual name?? Words are hard right now)

    Experimenting with manipulating the images in Photoshop to give them an old photo look was fun, and I learned some new techniques and things, so all in all I enjoyed working on this. :>

    (Also if I somehow uploaded this wrong I apologise I have never uploaded anything to this website before)


    1. Final.png

Recent Reviews

  1. *❄ WoofleSnow ❄*
    *❄ WoofleSnow ❄*
    Version: 2017-08-06
    I love the entire idea; while I'm not sure how to do all of it, it looks really neat and adorable~
  2. ToastGhostler
    Version: 2017-08-06
    Great concept! Love all of it