Frozenbase (Stage 1)

Multi Stage Frozenbase (Stage 1) a1a

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Multi Stage Frozenbase (Stage 1) a1a

Push through the bitter cold and deliver your payload cart to the enemy's checkpoint!

After encountering each other in the frozen wastes of no Mann's land (See anywhere that isn't Australia or affiliated with the Mann Co Brothers!), both Red and Blu realised that their new regional base of operations were situated worryingly close to each other. The Solution? Why send an explosive payload cart through their enemy's checkpoints of operations of course!

The first stage in a series of snow-themed payload race layouts, stage 1 focuses on quick and dynamic gameplay, with strategic use of high ground and flank routes to outsmart the enemy team.

Name of the map (Frozenbase) is probably temporary.
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Latest updates

  1. a1a update

    What's new? - Added timer based off plr_Nightfall - Adjusted the height of the windows looking out over the centre of the map - Adjusted the amount of ammo around the checkpoint. - improved clipping and general adjustments to help the gameplay...