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  • The train is now rideable!
  • Raised the playerclip ceiling a lot.
  • Added ammo near 2nd
  • Made highground on first a tiny bit harder for Red to control
  • Generally made really small fixes
This version will be submitted for the contest.
Good luck everyone!
  • All dead players on Red now insta-respawn when a point is capped to make setting up defenses easier
  • Added more metal near 3rd
  • Cleaned up the buildings around last and moved the dynamic door up one level to make defending the courtyard before the tram tracks easier
  • The water from the upper level of the canal has dried up and the pit is now filled with snow
  • The lower water shouldn't look deadly anymore
  • Hamster added a dancing hoovy on top of the tiny train idk why lol
  • Added cover for Red on 3rd
  • Raised 3rd a little
  • Added more signs
  • Removed both health and ammo around 1st
  • Added a new forward spawn for Blu when 1st is capped
  • Fixed a bug with the water
  • Added some wires
  • Added a tiny model train track in Red's first spawn
  • Replaced the small water pit near the bridge with a building
  • Added a new window to the connector between town and canal sections
  • Swapped some doors around
  • Made those weird stairs make structurally more sense
  • Widened last a little and added clearer boundaries to where the street is clipped of
  • A lot of sloppy brushwork has been replaced with cool houses and stuff
  • Added areas to the canale section, the choke before 3rd and the last point.
  • Remade some houses and parts of the layout (near 1st and canale)
  • Generally just better geometry
  • Remade the first part of the river section
  • Widened areas
  • Red spawns farther away from last cap
  • Added new dynamic door onto the river section
  • Deleted like 7 flanks and blocked off some more doorways
  • Some routes have been made simpler
  • Third Blu should be in a better place right now
  • Remade the courtyard area after 3rd point
  • Added dynamic opening doors to last when the cart starts going down the last slope before cap
  • Moved points 2 and 3 forward on the track (farther away from Blu)
  • Added more signs
Last now has more fun geometry, more cozy flanks and other fun gameplay stuff. It's now much easier to run around circles in last. Red spawn was moved to make gameplay more fun and less of a Blu steamroll.

This update also features small improvements, such as rotanting spawn direction, more dynamic arrow signs, a lot more sign decals and props plastered around the place.

The tram at last now comes from the other direction, and the exit point has an opening train gate with flashing lights and a clear and loud bell.

Trams become more frequent as the payload gets closer to the last point.

Detail has also been added to the city and the cafe in the town area has been fully detailed.
-Added 2 new ways to get up from the bottom of the canal, the buildings on each side now have small basements with stairs.

This will shorten the walk from spawn for Red when defending 2nd

-Added some more lights and cover around the map

-Added a new room at last behind the last capture point

-Gave Red more highground at last to

These changes will hopefully make it easier for Red to flank Blu and get out of spawn at last.

-Added garage doors in Reds first spawn that open and close when 1st is capped.

No more going the wrong way I guess

-Locked Red spawns now teleport the player to the next spawn instead of locking them inside.