Frostline B1

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Frostline B1

My first Frontline-themed map

<Copied from workshop page (I'm lazy)>

Please welcome my first submission for the Frontline! community project - koth_frostline.

This map started under a different name a couple of years ago (it was known as koth_frostburn back then). It went through several iterations in alpha stage. It was tested a few times on a server (at that time it was before full artpass with very little detail), but eventually I left it unfinished.

When Frontline came around I figured that this map would fit the theme after a few modifications. And here it is, in all of its cold, snowstormy glory.

If you encounter bugs let me know (screenshots and such will be handy). I do know there are some misaligned textures here and there, but I want to get this map out there to see what people think about it.

First release
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