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Frostbite a4

Choo Choo

I decided to slow down for a bit After having several failed mapping attempts.

This is a pretty bland basic Koth Map. I have more creative and dynamic plans for it in later Updates, but for the moment I want to test the basic layout.

Like the Original Arena map it's named after, I plan to make a snowy train station. 'nough said

Hope it doesn't dissapoint! :)
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. New surroundings

    Everything except mid has been changed. New spawns new routes, more complex skybox, etc. By now I'm just throwing stuff on the wall to see what sticks, so hopefully this sticks :) Also Enjoy!! :D
  2. New Mid

    This isn't a MASSIVE update per say, but it'll definitely change.. well, almost everything. -New mid! New Cover new placement etc. -A lot of Ammo has been downgraded, as engineers were too powerful. (sorry Engies.) -Moved the spawn windows...

    After some... issues I've decided to start from scratch. This includes: Way More height Dynamic! WORKING FUCKING CLIPPING! I CHECKED THIS TIME! Trains! hell yeah!! A bunch more. I mean it's a complete reset for christ's sake.