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FrostBite 2017-07-17

My first arena map, its snowy

    This is My first arena game (so its not the best) but I worked stupidly hard on the snow and fog.

    to summon bots turn on console command (look it up), sv_cheats 1, then nav_generate , wait a bit, the tf_bot_quota_22. MAGIC!!!!


    1. arena_frostbite0001.jpg
    2. arena_frostbite0002.jpg
    3. arena_frostbite0003.jpg
    4. arena_frostbite0004.jpg
    5. arena_frostbite0005.jpg
    6. arena_frostbite0006.jpg
    7. arena_frostbite0007.jpg
    8. arena_frostbite0008.jpg
    9. arena_frostbite0009.jpg
    10. arena_frostbite0010.jpg
    11. arena_frostbite0011.jpg