Frigate A3 Hotfix

A two point, one stage Attack/Defend CP map set on a RED frigate.

  1. Alpha 2: The Layout Update!

    Frigate has taken its next step towards its completion!
    20181024160831_1.jpg 20181024160840_1.jpg 20181024160849_1.jpg 20181024160903_1.jpg 20181024160909_1.jpg 20181024160931_1.jpg

    Key features of this update include:

    - Red team's top spawn door is no longer one way, and the window facing Blue spawn has been turned into a glass window rather than an open one
    - The area just outside Blue spawn has been overhauled, complete with side routes and a gigantic crane!
    - The smokestacks outside red spawn can be accessed from both sides of the ship via a ramp on the front
    - Small health and ammo packs have been added to the top smokestack platform so that jumping classes can restore themselves
    - Fences have been added underneath the sniper perch building to make it less open
    - Clipping on top of Blue spawn and the smoke stacks

    There are probably some minor things I'm missing as well, but I feel that this version is a complete evolution of the first alpha. Hopefully the map can keep evolving at this rate!
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