Fried Egg

Fried Egg a3a

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Hopefully this fixes it!!!! :)
After months of inactivity I've finally gotten around to updating that map of mine. Here's a massive list of the changes because I cataloged all of them and you cannot stop me from posting them.
-Adjusted Every Health and Ammo on B and C points
-Reworked C main choke to be more fun and open
-Reworked C house route with new shack building and pathing
-Added playable building near C point to make for a more interesting point
-Adjusted lighting around the map to make the map overall brighter
-Reworked "Yard" area connecting B and C points to be more streamlined and less cobbled together
-Remade every displacement on B and C to be not totally terrible
-Adjusted B spawns to remove angles into upper doorways
-Reworked cliff area by B to be more fun and streamlined
-Added shack to yard
-Added small health to A because I felt like it
-Added a bit more area by mid building shutter so it's less cramped
-Cleaned up a number of lighting errors (and made new ones woop woop)
-Attempted to make the gameplay less stalematey with routing
-Wanted to add an easter egg but couldn't get custom textures to show up in my hammer so I'm noting it here so I don't forget in the next version
-Moved various health and ammo packs to more suitable locations
-Remade B shack to get rid of lighting errors
-Flipped staircase on A for ease of navigation
-Renovated building outside C
-Added platform and doorway beside C point
-Fixed signage to be more intuitive
-Adjusted C choke
-other minor changes I may have forgotten but can't remember
fixed signs not lighting up
a2 changes
-Added signage for ease of navigation
-Adjusted alcove beside A spawn room
-Lowered scaffolding in C connector
-Adjusted C spawn room and platform
-Added raised balcony beside C
-Adjusted routes from A to C
-Added new route from A to valley to remove a dead end
-Removed full healthkit from drop and replaced it with a new medium health and ammo in new A route
-Added platform outside A lower route
-Adjusted clipping on B pillars
-Added ramp to allow easier traversal between upper and lower routes by A
-Brightened up many lights to remove dark areas
-Adjusted health and ammo placement in building connecting A and C
-Adjusted every health and ammo on B
-Adjusted buildings around B for better gameplay
-Moved health and ammo in mid building
-Lowered B cap point roof
-Changed B point lighting
-Adjusted B spawn positions
-Changed building at B to be playable
-Clipped off :3 sign
-Raised roof in yard at B so it's more obvious it's not playable
-Removed a few various dead end corners from the map to reduce confusion in navigation
-Added various detailing to give more life to the map
-Textured various areas to help with navigation and breathe more life into the greybox
-Clipped various areas better to avoid disrupting movement (C connector room mainly)
-other minor changes that I may have forgotten to list