Frequency (CTF Arena) a4

Screenshots (and name change) coming soon

  1. HolySnickerPuffs
    Will I ever finish a map without scrapping 80% of the layout and remaking it every few months? Of course not! I'd need to finish a map first.

    Was originally a KOTH map, which I adopted from iiboharz. After the last update (mid August), I started to work on a major overhaul of the layout, even considering changing the gamemode. My schoolwork ramped up, as it always does, and I didn't get to work on the map for a couple months. Thanks to COVID-19, my schedule opened back up so I smashed the rework out in a couple hours. It's rough because of that, but now that it's out I can finally refine it!

    Asset Credits and Thanks
    - @iiboharz, for the original map
    - @Yrr, for the CTF Arena prefab
    - @Rexy, for the Tom Cruise Cutout
    - @EArkham, for the Skyward Assets
    - @Berry, for the Autumnal Content Pack
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