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Frankenstein's castle v4

Halloween-themed Upward reskin.

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    A little bit of backstory.
    Frankenstein Castle™ was built by an unspecified member of the Frankenstein family on top of an ancient Indian burial ground in Darmstadt, Germany back in 1876. Some wondered how an Indian burial ground got into Germany, but Frankensein told them to ask Indians themselves. After years of experiments and hundreds of sins against nature, the owner of the castle achieved the goal he had in mind when building the place - he brought a person back from the dead. Unfortunately, his triumph was short-lived. The cursed dead Indians who inhabited the aforementioned Indian burial ground and who's souls were used to resurrect that dead person, weren't very happy with their neighbor’s actions. After a trial at the local court, Indians won and Frankenstein was sentenced to death on an electric chair and was buried in a crypt near the castle he built. Everyone quickly forgot about the whole thing and the place was abandoned ever since...
    Fast forward to the modern days, October of the year 1972. RED found out about Frankenstein's shenanigans and had a brilliant idea to resurrect Redmond Mann and get their jobs back. Upon entering the castle, they found out a giant broken Resurrector™ and decided to repair it. Little did they know, that the BLU team found out about this whole thing too, albeit a few days later, and had exactly the same idea. After some [non-]violent negotiations with REDs, they took more drastic measures to obtain the Resurrector™.
    They forcefully took the Frankenstein Guest House™ out of RED's possession, made a base there, brought Blutarch's corpse there and eventually, on October 31st,1972, the same day that RED has finished repairing the Resurrector™, BLU attacked the castle, pushing Blutarch's corpse up the hill. Will they bring their leader back to life, or will RED prevent them from doing that?
    You decide!

    Map's features:
    -Complete visual overhaul of pl_upward!
    From an old forgotten mine to an ancient german castle!It took me about 3 months to make this reskin.

    -A few gameplay changes from the original Upward!
    Most notably the last point.

    -Indian curses!
    The dead Indians aren't very happy with the whole "using their souls to resurrect Redmond or Blutarch" thing, so they
    decided to attack both teams in a form of hordes of skeletons. Beware!

    -German magic!
    Our Frankenstein friend was as much of a mad scientist as he was a mad wizard. Some of his old magic books can
    still be found near the castle.(PS: German magic is pretty much indistinguishable from normal magic)

    -Indian Hell!
    The Resurrector™ draws his power directly from the Indian Hell the cursed Indian souls inhabit. If one is brave
    enough, he can jump into a portal leading there and... do whatever I guess.

    -Shneky,the Sneaky Small Dancing Skeleton!
    He's hidden somewhere on the map.

    Special thanks to the guys that made the Mayann textures and stairs used in the Indian Hell.
    Please share your criticism in the comments, all feedback is appreciated as long as it helps me improve the map.


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