72hr Foxxen a3a

oh jeez we are in australia now

  1. Anreol
    Mate, this is Australia.
    Made in around 30 hours, this is a "futuristic" themed map.
    Basic layout made by Foxcadial, and I remade and changed some stuff.
    The map is not even sealed yet so maybe there will be some fps drops. I used hints, areaportals and func_detail as much I could.
    Wasted like 2 hours because problems with compiles


    1. hl2_2017-02-12_21-43-27.png
    2. hl2_2017-02-12_21-44-34.png
    3. hl2_2017-02-12_21-45-14.png
    4. hl2_2017-02-12_21-45-49.png
    5. hl2_2017-02-12_21-46-22.png