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- Removed gimmicky stuff like the cranes
- Remade the route to the left of spawn entirely
- Remade the point; it is now on the ground instead of on a building, making it much easier to get to
- Changed the middle building overlooking point to simplify it a lot
- Expanded lobby
- Spectator cameras
- Optimization


Fixed areaportals
I also had this ready a while ago, so I've forgotten most of the changes. The main thing was changing around pickups and stuff. I also figured out how to make it so that you could place buildings onto the crane platforms
Version a2 changelog:
  • Added a bit of clutter to make certain OOB areas more obvious
  • Added windows to mid building
  • Widened mid by 96 HU on both sides (192 total)
  • Further widened both sides by 64 HU
  • Opened up buildings to the side of mid
  • Optimization
Mostly small changes. This likely won't see any testing, I'm just uploading it for a version of a1 without the bugs.
  • Fixed LDR being fullbright
  • Fixed one spawnpoint in Red spawn being set to Blue team
  • Fixed being able to build on the crane platform
  • Fixed a misaligned texture
And that's all! The map played a lot better than I expected, and I'm not entirely sure what I should change, but hopefully there will be a new major update soon