72hr Found Objects Medic Portrait 2017-02-11

72hr TF2Jam2017 - Found Objects Medic Portrait

  1. Snedic
    This portrait is made entirely out of found and scrap objects I had. I did this over the span of about 10 hours overnight. The base a sheet of poster board and everything is glued on with hot glue. I did very little planning for this, in fact I forgot about TF2Jam so this was thought up on short notice. Once I saw a post about TF2Jam to remind me I knew I had no choice but to challenge myself. I wanted to do something unique that I haven't done before. I did some brainstorming and thought of the found objects portraits I used to love as a kid. So I took a good look around me, pulled every scrap and trifle out of every nook and cranny of my house got to work. I used two reference pictures, one by Kamixaqui and the other is from the official Valve store. I started by making a sketch based off the images and then went from there deciding what could go where to give the idea of Medic's features. I I tried to leave as little blank space as possible and set a few rules for myself to avoid making it too "neat".
    If I cut paper for a specicifc spot I couldn't be articulate about it, and tore most the paper instead of cutting.
    Don't have too much plain paper, try to cover most the board width objects.
    Try to colour match things while keeping variety
    I know these seem like simple objectives but it was quite challenging. I used many, many thing I never thought could be used for art like this and it brought me way out of my comfort zone. I can confidently say I am happy with my work though.
    A few more angles:
    med 1.png

    In the additional info YouTube link I talk about how I made it as well as wrote about it in the description. You will also see a time lapse of the project.
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  1. Spencer_Kritzkrieg
    Version: 2017-02-11
    Absolutely amazing! Fab work!
  2. Live4Fun7369
    Version: 2017-02-11
    Clever. I like it.