Forklift b4

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Forklift b4

King of the Hill map

koth_forklift started as my entry to the 2014 Winter Mapping Classic 72hr Contest.

Special thanks:
  • staff, members, and playtesters
  • All the UGC teams (.knd, GWMI, PvP, FastCo.) that have playtested and provided feedback.
  • A Boojum Snark for his Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack.
  • Alex "Rexy" Kreeger for his forklift model.
  • Fubar for his gypsum texture.
  • Stochast1c and smitty for 6s geared feedback
Grizzly Berry
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Mid Overhaul

    Yeah, I'm still working on this. Reworked mid Removed room overlooking point Resized a couple routes Detailing
  2. Minor update

    Just a couple of small changes. Moved door to right route to the side to cut off sightline to spawn. Removed truck and ramp outside of spawn. Replaced with displacement ramp. Raised door on left route.
  3. the hatless update

    Had a couple members of TFCrew's 6s team take a look at the map to provide feedback from a competitive point of view. Was pretty insightful and gave me some good ideas. Hopefully it'll play out ok. Moved midpoint below bridge Raised small...