Fordway B1

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  • Textures
  • Props
  • Some rooves
  • Seams
  • Light Optimisation
I thought I might need to get beta out before I'm away.

I made beta in three hours so its a bit rough (alpha-beta I guess).
  • Changed some ammo packs.
  • Remade bridge and added a door.
  • Remade bot spawns.
  • Remade bot drop area.
  • Fixed seams.
  • Some decoration.
  • Changed the pop files a bit.
  • Fixed point.
  • Added more outputs to point (bomb reset + nav_avoid)
  • Fixed some Z-fighting.
  • Added signs and windows to help make the point clearer.
Hopefully that is all the current issues fixed.
Okay, there's quite a bit.
  • Removed old control point exept for the bridge leading to it.
  • Added new control point above warehouse.
  • Added route from the main area to warehouse.
  • Recreated the lower area after warehouse.
  • Added forward upgrade station.
  • Recreated ford.
  • Remade bridge and lead up geometry.
  • Increased length of waves 1 to 3.
  • Added advanced mission.
  • Remaining feedback (Exept a couple seams in areas soon to be gone.)
Also probably a bunch of stuff I forgot.
  • Fixed shadow colours.
  • Attempted to fix CP hud.
  • Displacement fixes.
  • Removed some giants and slowed down wave 6.
  • Added bots on wave 4.
  • Given bots gatebot hat.
  • Added more bomb path arrows.
All remaining feedback fixes (i.e. ugly geometry) will be done soon.
  • All weapons and hats in the pop. file are now functioning.
  • Added nobuild volumes on rooftops and crates etc.
  • Fixed nav_prerequisite not following func_door.
  • Added new deathpit; removed train.
  • Created flag respawns on ford and deathpit.
  • Added new route for robots.
  • The ford and flyover are now unused by robots until they capture the control point.
  • Fixed a couple pop errors.
  • Done some detailing by the robot area thing.
  • Fixed some pathing issues.
  • Added func_respawnroom for red