Fool'sGravel A3

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Here's what's new:

foolsgravela3 redfacade.jpg
-Façades! And other textures and overlays added to make knowing which side of the map you're in easier.
-Barriers! For additional mid cover and definitely not the result of handouts from the powerful demoknight cabal

foolsgravela3 shafthole.jpg
-Shaft-side holes! If this turns out to be a bad idea, I'll just throw some impenetrable caution tape on there

foolsgravela3 vents.jpg
-Longer vent route!
-Vent route now identifiable as vents!
-Vent health demoted to small

foolsgravela3 tunnel.jpg
-Generally "more posters/props, less arrows"

foolsgravela3 bluintel.jpg
-I went a bit further than I should have with textures and overlays, but all with the interests of knowing which base you're in at heart.
-Also that ammo pack was demoted to small

foolsgravela3 nobuild.jpg
-Elevator spawn exit is now unbuildable!

foolsgravela3 stalemate.jpg
-Other minor changes, not the least of which is 100% increased chance of stalemates!
-Also, I moved the potato. Shhhh...

As always, I'll try to respond to any questions and feedback as soon as I see them. Thanks all!
Here's what's new:
-Your wish has been granted. All orange textures have been changed to grey. Grey as far as the eye can see. (Maniacal laughter). Except for this additional brown bit here.
-The area around the main spawn doors have changed, to hopefully increase flow towards mid. Also aesthetics.
foolsgravela2 redspawn.jpg
-The wire room damage has been lowered from 50 hp/sec to 20 hp/sec. -Also colorized the walls to make it more clear which intel it goes to.
-Removed some unnecessary lights
foolsgravela2 bluewire.jpg
-Changed central pipes to a rail bridge because aesthetics. Nothing runs on them. Yet. Also where did those pipes even go to?
-Central health kit promoted to full
-One-way doors added to vent route to prevent vent to vent jumps, which let people cap in like 5 seconds
-Upper side tunnel was widened and angled for better access
foolsgravela2 pitbridge.jpg
Additional, not pictured changes
-Intel doors are now larger, brush based
-red locker #1, playerclip at top of shaft and flag respawn now actually work
-Some signs, lights and train tidbits added/changed

As before, I'll try to respond to any questions as soon as I see them. Thanks all!