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72hr Jam 2022 Fool (Die) [Explicit] Lyrics

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72hr Jam 2022 Fool (Die) [Explicit] Lyrics

Ever healed anyone ? You sure did, but to death ?

[Content warning] : The lyrics you're about to read might seem offensive to you, as you might understand by the situation. Therefore, read at your own risks (if ever you think there is one).

Imagine yourself as an everyday Medic, coming out of his lab to heal a bunch of mercenaries. What a casual day ! What could go wrong ?

Well that is the point of this rework of Swimming Pool (Drank) from our dear Kendrick Lamar, inspired from both the song and the [SFM] Healirious.

Today is not everyday. Or rather it's a bad one. You, the Medic guy, are competent, can stand on your feet and walk to a CP without any problem. There is no questionning that.
But when it comes to your field comrades, we reach another level of stupidity. You know the ones who yell more than they shoot? That complain when your beam is not on them? That will scream your profession out loud simply to get that 1hp restaured? Yes, you, the doctor, are dealing with these fellahs.
Yes, it's tough.
Too tough.
Way too tough for you.

And now you're mad. Litteraly.

I'll let you deal with the rest of the song by yourself, hopefully you can understand how her doktor turned crazed all the sudden.

I apologize that there's only the lyrics to bite on. I wanted to make a full song for the jam, but there was no possible way for me to record my voice this week-end. I'd recommend you read the lyrics as you listen back to the song or an instrumental. I'd say either works, but hey, if you want to sing by yourself, I'm not stopping you.
I'll probably finish what I started after the jam tho, so if you want to hear the final product, look around on r/tf2 ! Who knows, something might show up...

Happy Jammin' !
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