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Well, level design, detail, optimization. Those are my landmarks, and I have finally achieved all of those!

I've added the hint brush to plenty of buildings to hide things out of view

Here's an example

Re-named the file to RC4_v6 (From RC4 v2)
I dunno how I skipped 4 versions, but this is the first map I've made with a legitimate changelog and such, so that explains all of the bumps through the process. (and yes, I added cubemaps)
I'm such a poopoo head, I forgot to add cubemaps!

Yes I'm aware the map's name is RC4 V2 still. I just added cubemaps to it
Well... this update makes the map playable on community servers... (yay)

thats it

you can go home now

its over
Hello! Sorry I skipped RC4, I forgot to put something into the download ZIP file. But here are the patchnotes anyways!

+Added some lighting changes

+Added a custom overlay (The thing I forgot)

+Fixed a small clipping issue

+Changed the storage containers on red into a shack


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Well, I finished RC3, and 14 days before the deadline no less!

Here's a full list of the changes

+Added tree skycards in the skybox
::Adds more realism as well as hides some skybox seams​
-Replaced the wood plank fence in the flank
::The fence was changed into a func_detail brush​
-Replaced the stack of logs on BLU flank
::Replaced by a porch as well as some toxic barrels​
-Removed some silent ambient_generics around the map
+Moved back some floating trees of the cliff
+Did a clipping pass to reassure no clipping exploits
+Added 2 more train cars behind the main engine
::Right behind the train is a gravel car and a rocket car​


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Well, RC1 came and went pretty quickly. But, heres RC2. This is a full on detail update.

Added wood supports on almost all wood buildings

Removed half of the icicles

Changed health patches on red side to their corresponding team color

Added some trees to hide terrible seams in dispacements

Added a radio tower on red side's cliff

Stretched the high ground near mid to stick to the cliff


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