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Floor is Lava rc2

Well, the floor is literally lava. Try not to fall in! April Fools 2016.

Made in a week for the April Fools Contest 2016. A 5cp map with lava on the floor. Optimized for competitive platforming in a magma based environment.


Using (probably forgetting some stuff, sorry for that):
  • pd_watergate props and artstyle by Egan & Bakscratch and various modelers
  • Bulletcrops Prop Pack
  • Construction Prop Pack
  • TF2 Emporium Vehicle Prop Pack
  • File Cabinets, Cracky Pop Vending Machine, Forklift, Portable Toilets by Rexy
  • Urban Shipping Container 01 Blue Retexture by Hutty
  • Eveningtoast skybox by owly-oop
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Latest updates

  1. Applied Public Feedback

    Changed lava damage from 400 dmg/s to 330 dmg/s Lowered respawn wave times Added nobuild in lava Fixed bright lights and weird reflections Some detailing in the main spawn rooms Some pathetic attempts at optimization Added soundscapes Gonna...