flankabout a2

CTF map that takes place on a cliffside

  1. flankabout

    Didn't really changed the level all that much since the last version, but nevertheless here are a list of things that I changed:

    - Added a huge pine tree as the level's center piece
    - Changed the bridge into a circle that goes around the tree
    - Fixed a sight-line that allowed snipers to snipe people in the intel room from across the other side of the map
    - Moved spawn doors that lead into the center of the level back a bit
    - While also providing a height advantage for those that are coming out of said spawn doors
    - And a bunch of minor changes as well

    ctf_flankabout_a2_pic1.jpg ctf_flankabout_a2_pic2.jpg ctf_flankabout_a2_pic3.jpg ctf_flankabout_a2_pic4.jpg ctf_flankabout_a2_pic5.jpg ctf_flankabout_a2_pic6.jpg ctf_flankabout_a2_pic7.jpg ctf_flankabout_a2_pic8.jpg
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