Flagzone a4

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Flagzone a4

A/D CP/CTF hybrid

Very weird A/D CTF/CP hybrid. Basically blu has to cap control point and then intel. Then another control point and another intel. After that they have to cap third final intel. So, red has a lot to defend and fight for.

No playtest yet, I hope this works even somehow
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CTF

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Latest updates

  1. All hail to tf_glow

    a4: -Basically used tf_glow to try to make objective clearer
  2. Moved red spawn

    a3 -Made second spawn for red -Made C area bigger -Decreased intel reset time -Added route between B and B intel -Added tip text for confusing HUD -Instructions for red and blue should always show up at the start of the round. If not, it's...
  3. Optimization update

    a2 -Added areaportals and hints -Added one small health/ammo -Increased capture times