First map: 2towers 3.0 V5

Will be updated in the future to include props (maybe) and fixes (if needed).

  1. I'm pretty sure this time.

    Packed even more textures into the map, turns out I also used some textures from the construction pack as well.

    Hopefully there are no more problems.
  2. Hopefully it's fixed now

    Removed the .ani and .nav files from the map file. Hopefully it won't crash now and all the textures work.
  3. Didn't work. Now crashes game.

    The textures were packed but now downloading and playing the map crashes the game.
  4. Maybe, hopefully, possibly, fixed a huge issue

    Had to get rid of the melee only version for now, will add back later.

    Repacked the map so, hopefully, all the textures are included.
  5. No file available, Don't download.

    My friend has shown me that pretty much the entire map is missing textures. While I try to fix this, I'm posting this update to make the download unavailable.
  6. Texturing, lighting rework, and more.

    -Replaced lighting with different lights
    -Textured the entire map
    -Light amount of clipping done (only in some places, hammer wouldn't let me do it in most places and just said it was an 'Invalid Solid')
    -Added new building to the underground section
    -Added health and ammo to the underground section
    -Breakable floor behind each spawn (underneath the ramps leading to the roof, acts as a second entrance to the underground)
    -Glass under the main control point is breakable (acts...
  7. Big changes

    I got bored not working on it so I've updated it again.

    -3D Skybox
    -Changed gamemode to Domination (3 control point KOTH)
    -Removed rain (visual and sound. New sounds coming later)
    -Updated 2D Skybox
    -Updated enviroment lighting
    -Updated regular lighting
    -Added textures to certain areas
    -Added underground area (Incomplete, needs more health and ammo placements and structures)
    The underground can be accessed through underwater doors directly behind spawn (leave a comment if you...
  8. Update 3: Huge changes

    I tried to texture the map. I got half way through and saw how terrible it looked.

    In exchange for keeping it dev textures I expanded the starting areas, added lighting to the new buildings and changed a few other things. hl2 2018-06-27 11-23-35-51.png
  9. Lighting

    -Changed Skybox
    -Changed environment lighting
    -Added lights around the map
    -Updated Nav Mesh

    The map is rather dimly lit right now. If there are any spots where you find it hard to see players or your surroundings, please say so.

    I'll be working on texturing the map next.
  10. 1st update (retry)

    -Fixed not being able to win after running down the timer.
    -Added bot navigation mesh file to download.