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First map: 2towers 3.0 V5

Will be updated in the future to include props (maybe) and fixes (if needed).

  1. Icemaster121(❍ᴥ❍ʋ)
    Hello, this is the first map I have made. Comment if you find any issues that need to be fixed, features that are overly annoying, or just anything of interest.

    To install the map, find your maps folder in
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\maps
    and place the download in there


    1. hl2 2018-07-10 12-26-32-01.png
    2. hl2 2018-07-10 12-25-32-19.png
    3. hl2 2018-07-10 12-25-29-47.png
    4. hl2 2018-07-10 12-26-29-79.png
    5. hl2 2018-07-10 12-26-37-52.png
    6. hl2 2018-07-10 12-26-52-43.png
    7. hl2 2018-07-10 12-26-53-67.png
    8. hl2 2018-07-10 12-26-55-15.png
    9. hl2 2018-07-10 12-27-27-02.png
    10. hl2 2018-07-10 12-27-52-55.png
    11. hl2 2018-07-10 12-29-09-34.png
    12. hl2 2018-07-10 12-29-37-47.png