Firefight (KOTH)

Firefight (KOTH) A1a

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Firefight (KOTH) A1a

Emphasis on fire. (Working title)

I made a map set in the visual representation of how it must feel to playtest my maps, as well as how it felt to make this map.

It's set in hell.

This was originally going to be my Back to Basics entry that I made over the 72hr Jam, but instead of making this I got addicted to Minecraft. I'm definitely late to the 72hr jam, almost definitely late to the B2B contest, and probably late to finish this by Halloween, but I've been sitting on this idea for 2 years now and I don't feel like waiting much longer. It's probably a good thing I didn't try and make this in 72 hours, as the number of stupid issues I ran into while making just 2 stupid, seemingly simple gimmicks (one of which probably won't last beyond A1) is insane.

Fuck the Source engine.

20190919153820_1.jpg 20190919153713_1.jpg 20190919153653_1.jpg 20190919153548_1.jpg 20190919153504_1.jpg 20190919153916_1.jpg 20190919154114_1.jpg
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