Fifthcurve rc1

5 control point payload map!

  1. ics
    This is a payload map with a slight twist. It has one extra control point compared to basic Valve maps which makes it have longer track. 5 control points and the map is curvy, thus, 5curve since i already used the name curve earlier. Plays just like normal payload map!

    Current version: pl_fifthcurve_rc1

    Map by ICS,,,

    Thanks goes to:
    Hakk1tus - You know why!
    WeryBigMonk - initial testing, cubemap testing
    DrShush - Early testing
    othername - initial testing
    Everyone who played b1-b9, rc1-rc5, pl_curve, pl_5curve_beta, pl_5curve and pl_fifthcurve_b1-b6, earlier and gave feedback - thanks!


    1. pl_fifthcurve_b10003 copy.jpg
    2. pl_fifthcurve_b10011 copy.jpg
    3. pl_fifthcurve_b10013 copy.jpg
    4. pl_fifthcurve_b10021 copy.jpg
    5. pl_fifthcurve_b10031 copy.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. rc1
  2. Updating old file to more fresh version
  3. pl_fifthcurve_b4

Recent Reviews

  1. ShadowMan44
    Version: rc1
    I like this map, I really do. But, that final point has got to be reworked. The sightlines are way too large and soldiers & heavies can easily spam the area, making it nearly impossible for the offense team to push back. Without having many or if at all places to flank around it, I would say this map isn't suited for TF2 just yet.
  2. Anonymous
    Version: rc1
    Fifthcurve has a lot of chokepoints and no flank routes in certain areas, and it comes across as boring Dustbowl for 3/5 points. I really dislike seeing wasted space in parts of the map (sniper nest behind B), or forced into a long sightline with no alternative (this hurts badly on 3rd). I gotta be honest and give it an average 3 without all the Halloween version gimmicks disguising a map I feel has a lot of flaws. I want it to be better, and sadly it comes up bland and short for me.