72hr Fiesta Alpha 9

aaah spanish map

  1. I dont even know what changed

    Well yeah I know some.
    • Added Overgrown assets, cuz they look good I guess
    • Detailed rooftops (not all of them)
    • Added a window with some blinds to the building on one side of the point to light up stuff
    • Added sprites (from the Frontline prefabs) to all the street lamps
    • Changed lamp posts to the ones from the Frontline prefab because I was too lazy to adjust the sprites to the already existing props
    • Fixed something related to the lamp posts that literally no one noticed since the map was created
    • Changed some textures around
    • I guess I changed pickups?
    • @Foxcadial helped a lil' bit with the optimization <3
    • For some reason all spectator cameras were set as welcome points and for RED only, made the spectator cameras team-restricted
    • Added a extra camera to be used as welcome point
    Too lazy to update screenshots, as usual
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