ficool2's Overhauled FGD (all entities documentated + icons!) 6.71

An updated FGD to help you map EVEN MORE efficiently.

  1. Another bunch of fixes

    Hotfix 5.2
    • Removed angles keyvalue from all brush entities, it caused too many issues
    • Removed more obsolete entities such as tf_dropped_weapon and entity_croc
    • Fixed vgui_screen description
    • Fixed info_overlay and info_overlay_transition missing the angles keyvalue
    • Changed default keyvalues to match stock FGD
  2. Several fixes

    Hotfix 5.1
    • Fixed missing angle keyvalues
    • Fixed env_texturetoggle target description
    • Fixed Item entities missing TeamNum
    • Fixed env_bubbles
    • Removed a few more useless entities
  3. Slartibarty compile tool compatibility, general fixes

    Update 5.0
    - Updated the FGD to be fully compatible with Slartibarty's compile tools (if you are using those tools, you will need this FGD to use the new entities it has)
    - env_laser now inherits all of env_laser properties
    - Simplified the keyvalues/inputs for logic or non-networked point entities
    - Changed the defaults for render keyvalues to make more sense
    - Added missing keyvalues to env_steamjet,...
  4. Fixed env_spritetrail, removed full fgd, fixed more description issues

    Update 4.8
    - Attempted to solve an issue where func_brush would not receive any decals, including sprays (if this is still broken then let me know)
    - Fixed func_train text overflow
    - Fixed missing keyvalues for env_spritetrail
    - Removed tf2_ficool2.fgd, now only tf2_ficool_lite.fgd exists (reason being that there is really no point in using that version, they are // commented out from the FGD if you still want to read about those removed ones)
    - Cleaned up line dividers
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  5. Overhauled trigger_brush, fixed func_smokevolume

    Update 4.7
    - Overhauled the trigger_brush entity (see below)
    - Added SetActive, SetInactive and ToggleActive inputs to func_suggested_build (those did not exist in any FGD before)
    - Fixed func_smokevolume always spawning at 0,0,0 @VoidWarrior22
    - Fixed func_train Target keyvalue
    - Fixed prop_sphere helper to show up
    - Fixed Hammer to draw a wirebox for the "mins" and "maxs" keyvalues on triggers (not sure if this works with TF2...
  6. TFObject and visgroup fixes, inch > units

    Update 4.6
    • Fixed TFobject (obj_sentrygun, obj_dispenser, obj_teleporter and obj_attachment_sapper) spawnflags to work properly and not behave strange @VoidWarrior22
    • Updated the Upgrade Level of buildings to support up to Level 91, which is the maximum allowed (health, damage and speed get higher with each Level past 3)
    • Converted all listings of "inches" into "units" as inches is very misleading and wrong
    • Added light_directional to the...
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  7. Icons straight from Valve's HQs, env_soundscape listing

    Update 4.5
    • 8 updated icons that are ripped straight from Valve's HQs (see comparison below) - uncompressed quality
    • env_soundscape now lists all the default soundscapes available in TF2
    • env_soundscape_triggerable no longer has a Radius keyvalue
    • trigger_add_or_remove_player_attributes now links to a website with an enormous and updated amount of attributes
    (Zoom in to see the differences better)...
  8. light_directional entity

    Update 4.4
    • Added light_directional entity (requires the upgraded VRAD compiler, which at the current moment I cannot provide)
    • Fixed light_dynamic visgroup typo

    The new light_directonal entity functions very similarly to a light_environment, the only difference being it does not generate ambient light, and that you can place multiple of them together without conflicts.

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  9. func_detail_blocker support for patched compiler

    Update 4.3
    - Added func_detail_blocker support, a brush entity that prevents detail sprites from spawning inside it*
    - Fixed tf_logic_holiday orders, again

    * func_detail_blocker ONLY works with a (for now, unreleased) hacked VBSP compiler. Not only does this VBSP compiler now support this entity, it also has increased brush, brushside and T-junc limits.
  10. func_rotating update due to new discovery