ficool2's Overhauled FGD (all entities documentated + icons!) 4.8

An updated FGD to help you map EVEN MORE efficiently.

  1. Updated Holiday and DamageType list

    Update 3.95
    • Added 10 new holiday options for tf_logic_holiday (thanks to @404UNF for providing the enum list)
    • Added health and max_health keyvalues to tf_zombie
    • Removed 1073741824 (Last Generic Flag) and 2147483648 (Headshot) damage types, as they do not exist in TF2 (but rather HL2 and CSS, respectively)
    • Minor formatting fixes

    holiday_type(choices) : "Holiday" : 1 =
    1 : "None"
    2 : "Halloween"
    3 :...
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  2. And another fix

    Hotfix 3.9
    • Added radius keyvalue to env_soundscape_proxy
    • Effect flags have been re-organised in the LITE version to only exist for animating entities
    • Removed movedir keyvalue from func_door_rotating in LITE version
    • More sensible flags for func_door and func_door_rotating
    • More formatting fixes
  3. More and more fixes

    Hotfix 3.8
    • Removed origin keyvalue from func_dustmotes and func_dustcloud
    • Removed more redundant keyvalues in the LITE variant
    • Added back TeamNum on tf_zombie
    • Fixed DispatchEffect description
    • Fixed more syntax errors
  4. Fixed robots

    Hotfix 3.7
    • Fixed typos in tf_robot_* entities making them a bit broken
    • tf_robot_destruction_robot_spawn now uses a robot model for display
    • Updated TeamNum description
  5. TeamNum fix

    Hotfix 3.6
    • Fixed TeamNum keyvalue on eyeball_boss
    • Removed TeamNum from merasmus and eyeball_boss as it doesn't work (for now)
    • Fixed a syntax error

    rip 2 day no-update streak
  6. New sky_camera model, some fixes

    Update 3.5

    - Fixed bounding boxes for various entities, especially bot_hint_sentrygun
    - Fixed syntaxing in bot_controller
    - The camera model now has a HD texture
    - Added a new, adorable sky_camera model, to replace the dull white cube

  7. Another hotfix

    • Removed prop_static origins in the LITE version
    • Fixed Color1 and Color2 keyvalue syntaxing
    • Updated hightower_teleport_vortex and teleport_vortex descriptions
    • One other change I forgot
  8. Quickfix

    Hotfix 3.1
    • Removed prop_static origin keyvalue, I determined the origin glitch was due to a weird Hammer bug with inheriting base classes
    • 'editor-ficool2' has been added to exclusion list. 'editor' has not been added because Hammer relies on some parts
    • trigger_teleport spawnflags have been fixed, thank Hammer for its buggy behavior with inheriting spawnflags which required a workaround
  9. (Final) Final Update

    This should be the last update for a while, I am 100% sure now that nothing will break now, for definite

    • Fixed origins to function on all brush entities
    • Fixed Disable Receive Shadows keyvalue to have consistent formatting
    • Added DirectX choices to prop_static
    if one of you breaks something again, April Fools is cancelled
  10. Fixed 'dev' directory to load

    Hotfix 2.6

    • Fixed 'dev' directory to load