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ficool2's Overhauled FGD (all entities documentated + icons!) 6.71

An updated FGD to help you map EVEN MORE efficiently.

  1. Reuploaded as file was corrupted

    Re-uploaded file as download got corrupted for some reason
  2. Typo fixes

    Hotfix 6.7
    - Fixed typo in env_soundscape input: Disabled ---> Disable
    - Fixed func_nobuild not inheriting TeamNum
  3. Added back trigger_look

    Hotfix 6.6
    - Added back trigger_look
  4. Previous Upload failed

    Re-uploaded because previous version was corrupted after uploading
  5. Merged propper fgd, removed more useless stuff

    Update 6.5
    - Merged propper fgd (if you have the propper FGD in the Hammer configuration, remove it, this should also stop crashing)
    - Removed even more useless entities such as "trigger" or "entityflame"
    - Removed some never used keyvalues, entity keyvalues are a bit cleaner
    - Fixed game_intro_viewpoint having no angle keyvalue
  6. Instance support, NPC model fix

    Hotfix 6.4

    - Fixed instances to work properly under Slartibarty's tools (thank you Valve for the beautiful hardcoded mess)
    - Added func_instance_origin (Slartibary's compile tools only!)
    - Added model keyvalue to NPCs
  7. Fixed prop_static Collisions

    Hotfox 6.3
    - Fixed Collisions on prop_static
  8. info_landmark and removed sky camera model

    Hotfix 6.2
    • Removed sky_camera ballon model, its now a cube
    • Re-added back info_landmark for backwards compatibility
  9. Solid keyvalue fix and code cleanup

    Update 6.1
    - Changed the solid (Collisions) keyvalue to be blank by default
    - Added the angles keyvalue to rotating brush entities
    - Removed every //REMOVED line in the FGD, download version 6.0 if you want to see those again
  10. Fixed rope rendering, path icons and obsolete stuff thrown out

    Update 6.0
    • Fixed rope rendering (blame Valve for the super hardcoded mess)
    • Fixed env_ember
    • Removed the following entities: monster_resource, npc_concussiongrenade, npc_contactgrenade, physics_prop_ragdoll, physics_prop, tf_ammo_pack, window_pane
    • Changed some more defaults that I missed to match the default FGD
    • Removed useless keyvalues in the player entity, only keeping the ones that actually do something
    • Cleaned up the files - halved the file size...
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