ficool2's Overhauled FGD (all entities documentated + icons!) 6.71

An updated FGD to help you map EVEN MORE efficiently.

  1. TFObject and visgroup fixes, inch > units

    Update 4.6
    • Fixed TFobject (obj_sentrygun, obj_dispenser, obj_teleporter and obj_attachment_sapper) spawnflags to work properly and not behave strange @VoidWarrior22
    • Updated the Upgrade Level of buildings to support up to Level 91, which is the maximum allowed (health, damage and speed get higher with each Level past 3)
    • Converted all listings of "inches" into "units" as inches is very misleading and wrong
    • Added light_directional to the Lights VisGroup, cleaned up VisGroups a bit with more fitting entities
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