ficool2's Overhauled FGD (all entities documentated + icons!) 4.6

An updated FGD to help you map EVEN MORE efficiently.

  1. ficool2

    I got absolutely sick of the numerous times I had to scrap my projects because something was not possible, but then it turns out after looking at source code that it in fact exists but has never been documentated somewhere.

    And also seeing people spit out false information, such as 'physics props' cannot be parented, or that dynamic entities can't change models at runtime, or that kill icons cannot be changed. Wrong, wrong and wrong!

    This FGD has been completely re-written from scratch over a 1 year period. What does it include?
    • Every single entity and their respective keyvalues/inputs/outputs has been documentated or at least listed, either by using datamap dumps or source code engineering
    • Better descriptions, re-written by me or used from the VDC wiki
    • Exactly 600 brush + point entities together are now listed, with nearly 13,000 lines of code
    • Say goodbye to white cubes. Most, if not all, entities now have either an icon, or have a suitable model appearance
    • Inconsistencies, grammar and errors have all been corrected, and values have been corrected to be more suitable for normal usage
    • FGD is much cleaner looking, allowing for very easy modification
    • Updated Hammer visgroups to include these new entities, allowing for easier hiding
    • Sick of outdated FGDs? Fear not, this is fully up to date as of 25/11/2018
    (Models hidden for better viewing)
    Look at all those new keyvalues! (some may not be listed if using the LITE variant)

    If you have the Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack from ABS or Puddy's Small Mapping Resource pack installed, follow the Installation section to make this FGD compatible with them!​

    If you haven't already, get the Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack first before installing this. (Be sure to follow the Installation section of this guide afterwards!)​


    Before installing or using this FGD, you must make some changes if you have the Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack or Puddy's Small Mapping Resource installed.

    Go to your Steam game library:

    Go to the Local Files tab and click on Browse Local Files...

    The Team Fortress 2 folder has now been opened. Open the tf folder, then open on the custom folder.

    If you see a file named ABS_MRP_Improved_FGD , delete it.
    If you see a file named Puddy_Mapping_Pack, delete it.

    (you might not see the .vpk extension)

    Both of these are not compatible with the FGD, however this includes ABS's Improved FGD, so don't worry. Puddy's pack on the other hand... is useless.

    Now we can install the FGD. Open the download and you will see this file:
    (you might not see the .vpk extension, the version number might also be different)

    Drag this file into the custom folder, like where the 2 other files existed before we deleted them.
    Next, you will see these files in the download.
    (you might not see the .fgd extension)

    Pick which variant you want to use. LITE has less entities and keyvalues, for easier readability (use this if you are doing normal mapping for TF2). Use the Normal variant if you like messing around with entities.

    Take out a file and put in any comfortable place. I prefer to throw it alongside the other file we installed earlier, so its easy to find.

    First part done. Not finished yet however! We need to now tell Hammer to use our FGD.

    Open up Hammer editor, and go to the Options area.

    You will see a Game Configurations window open up. Now, first you make sure the Configuration: box is set to Team Fortress 2. Next, you will see the Game Data Files: box, and some lines containing installed FGDs. Click on the lines, and press Remove until the list is empty.

    Now click Add, and find the tf2_ficool2(.fgd) OR tf2_ficool2_lite(.fgd) file you extracted earlier, and select it.
    It should look like this now:
    Or this:

    Press OK at the bottom, and restart Hammer. Congratulations, you should now have installed the FGD successfully.


    If for whatever reason you want to uninstall this FGD (which I highly recommend you don't), perform the same steps as above, but do it for my FGD files instead.

    • Remember to use this little guy to toggle the 'helpers' on entities (yellow spheres, blue spheres) when necessary.
    • Some keyvalues/inputs/outputs may not work for an entity, but work for another. Testing this manually for 600+ entities is kinda painful, so use common sense if possible. Most keyvalues work correctly however
    • The tf_weapon_* and weapon_* entities are not documentated, as all of them do absolutely nothing. However, a list is available inside the FGD incase you need it (for example to remove weapons)
    • This pack uses some assets from @A Boojum Snark. Permission has been granted beforehand.
    Known issues:
    • None at the moment!
    If there is any other issues you find, let me know as soon as possible, Hammer thanks you.

    Planned features:
    • 3D (unique) helpers for certain entities (phys_ entities especially, and some others)
    • Unique trigger textures to help with identifcation?
    • Document everything, with no blanks or vague explanations

    Happy mapping, hopefully.
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