72hr Faster than 40MHz 1.00

16bits and I still look better than you!

  1. YourWishes
    Hey guys, here's my 72hour entry, I think it turned out nicely, it's just a pixel art of my scout done in a sorta 1990s Mac pixel style.

    Tools used:
    SFM (For posing and referencing for the scout)
    Paint.NET (For the actual pixel art)
    TF2.. Obviously
    Good Ol' Google

    Other info:
    This is obviously not true 16 bit, I'm fairly certain even excluding the background I used way too many colors.
    The base resolution is 480x270 but I resized it to 960x540

    Background is obviously just a screenshot in game, I was going to redraw it in pixel but I think it looked nice with just a screenshot to be honest.

    Also my first time really doing shading like this, it's not great I know but again I am proud of it.


    1. 16 bits.png