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b3a changelog:

- fixed a bad trigger_push that broke half of the map
b3 changelog:

bugfixes only - currently in the contest post-deadline bugfix period.

- attempted fix for sentry busters spawning giant caber models (what the fuck?) by addoutputting fadedistances onto cabers in blu spawn
- added more nav avoids to try and stop robots getting stuck on tall traincars on the corner
- added more stuck teleports to static train in warehouse
- added stuck teleports to every train car
- adjusted finale support bot prereqs - they should swarm a bit less
- extended step-up helpers on flatcar on left side of warehouse
- added resources to warehouse that i had completely forgotten to do until now (oops - this was unintended, i've been rushing the whole contest)
- added nav_avoid near forward resupply to stop giants getting stuck at the low ceiling
b2 changelog:

- hopefully fixed an edge case where robots would ignore their nav objective and try to beeline to the finale, running into a corner in spawn
- removed blue-only filtering from several stuck prevention measures
- added stuck prevention measures along the support train's path
- added even more stuck prevention measures along the normal train path
- money beneath the train is now automatically collected
- adjusted HUD
- added spec cams
- fixed a few misassigned overlays
- added round loss fx
- cleaned up various other small issues
- replaced steel door prop from eotl assets with a brushwork version
had this stuff mounted for another project and didn't realise the prop steeldoor001 was custom. oops!
guardian dynamica contest prefab popfiles modified to work with fastener.
b1 changelog:

- artpass
- added missing tag to wave 4 giant KGB heavies - they should no longer try to path through areas without enough clearance
- attempted to fix bots getting stuck in a corner against the train and ignoring nav_avoids:
-- added nav_prefers to the shortcut doors that open beside these corners
-- added push triggers to forcefully dislodge stuck bots
- added kill trigger at back of map in case the train pushes bots or players through the clipping
- reduced cash dropped through wave 5
- fixed an issue where giants climbing up the catwalks would hit their head on the gantry
- fixed wave 5 boss soldier's taunting lines being triggered by BLU team deaths

ouhghgh wanting early beta for a contest like this isn't a great decision imo
a3 changelog:

- bot shutter doors near train path use the stop hand texture
- adjusted bot push points in refueling area
- added stuck prevention to handle standing atop train as it moves beneath tight geo
- adjusted nav avoids to try and stop robots smushing their faces into the sides and back of the train at various points
- bumped a few medium ammo kits up to full
- added a full health kit by the red tank corner nearby refueling area
- (hopefully) fixed an edge case where bots could manage to dodge the nav trigger and get stuck in spawn
- fixed a nav issue where giants would get caught on a corner in spawn

wave 3:
- reduced number of giant flare pyros in subwave 3
- reduced number of supporting wm1 pyros in subwave 3
wave 5:
- fixed popfile hanging after subwave 1
- reduced number of giants in subwave 1
- subwave 1 supporting soldiers are now part of the wave and drop money
- subwave 2 knockback demomen deal less damage
- subwave 2 support bots are far less frequent
a2 changelog:
- tightened the back of the map
- revised area near RED spawn to offer some high ground for an easier and more interesting last defense
- made the warehouse more interesting to fight in
- added an upgrade station in RED spawn that remains open during the wave
- fixed a few buildable spots that sentry busters could not reach
- small clipping improvements
- more stuck prevention around train
- did a bunch of shit to waves i cant be fucked to rewrite a third time im so tired dude. waves are generally harder.
- bullet hell boss soldier shouts at you when you die to him :)