Farm Props 1.0

Made by Shmitz

  1. Shmitz

    This package contains the "farm" themed props used in the map cp_roswell.
    The purpose of most of these models is to add detail to a more domestic
    setting without significantly increasing the size of the bsp. As such,
    the majority of them are mapped onto basic Valve textures. Only the
    fountain and the horse trailer models have their own skin images. The
    fountain's skin material is based off of one of Valve's concrete textures.
    The horse trailer skin is entirely original, though is colored to fit the
    same general color palette as the pickup truck.

    List of models included in this package:

    door_saloon door_saloon, door_saloon2, door_saloon3
    hitching_post model_hitchingpost, model_hitchingpost2, model_hitchingpost3
    model_bed01 model_bed01, model_bed01b
    model_bookcase01 model_bookcase01, model_bookcase01b
    model_bookcase01b model_bookcase01, model_bookcase01b
    model_cabinet01 model_bookcase01, model_bookcase01b
    model_dresser01 model_furnwood01
    model_fountain01 model_fountain01*
    model_htrailer01 model_htrailer01*
    model_shelf01 model_furnwood01
    ring01 ring01

    * Material includes both vmt and vtf

    To install these items to the correct directories, place this archive in your
    Valve/Steam/SteamApps/<steamid>/team fortress 2/tf directory and extract from there.

    You may use any of these models in your map as long as you credit the author in your readme.


    1. cp_roswell_b3_furniture02_8hQ.jpg
    2. cp_roswell_fountain_Z75.jpg
    3. cp_roswell_horsetrailer_0Af.jpg