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Fallenrain a3

3 A/D CP in abandoned town's factory

RED decided to temporarily store their chemicals near docks of abandoned town, called "Fallenrain", and it's stainless steel factory. However, as it turns out, BLU knows about this and are planning to explode everything with self-accelerating bomb carts they brought with them. However, electrical supply of the factory allowed RED to set up some defense against this and, therefore, is up to BLU to be shut down.
First spawn of BLU - their old explosives warehouse, which they're using as bomb storage. Second one is being a wardrobe of RED's factory, but it's only available after point B is captured.
First spawn of RED, on the other hand, is underground tech service's room. Second RED spawnpoints are docks' staff rooms which become active once point A is captured
Control point A is underground power reroute station, which allows RED to hold a passway's gates closed, but it's pretty old, making it relatively easy to shut down... unless it's being rightfully defended. Control point B is an area with switch that holds transport door closed, though switch itself is pretty old and it takes some force and time to flip it. Control point C is a control room of tracks that are used to be used to transport materials from docks and vice versa, and now used to transport bomb to warehouse. There a track segment is set to lead any cart astray into a bunch of containers and safely explode there. However, if BLU manages to capture this point, they have to hold it until next cart is on tracks in order to prevent RED from flipping track segment back to containers.
Gameplay itself is basically A/D. BLU team has 5 bombs and 2 minutes and 30 seconds between each one is on track in an attempt to blow up the warehouse, although this process can be sped up once it's required up to 45 seconds. If bomb hits any obstacle, it explodes and timer restarts. Cycle repeats until BLU is either out of bombs or managed to get one of the bombs to it's destination
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Latest updates

  1. Da light

    A3: - added lightning (it's not very good); - cubemaps (I hate myself); - moved healthkit and ammopack near point B from ladder to behind the Factory's wall; - added clipping on gas canister in warehouse room in Factory
  2. Fixed shenanigans with bot

    Fixed shenanigans with bot