F12Delet A3A

Arena CTF for the Thinking Inside the Box microcontest

  1. Various Adjustments

    This is the last version I'm putting up before I get some sort of feedback. I did this since one of the props didn't have collision and that could've been abused easily.

    • Added 2 info_observer_point entities
    • Adjusted the size of each team's walls

    • Added collision to props without collision
  2. Contest Aftermath

    The contest ended, this played better than expected.
    I see potential in this map so I am gonna continue working on it.

    • Flags now have short clock mode
    • Decreased the time it takes for flags to return

    • Closed level boundaries
    • Remade both spawn rooms
    • Changed most of the cave route

    • Added props for cover
    • Readjusted lighting
    • Removed the cow prop on Blu's side
    • Changed the intel computer...
  3. The "I forgot to do something!" Update

    -Adjusted two blockbullet brushes

    Yeah I can't believe it took me 30 mins to figure that one out!