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Updates include:
- B now detailed (first pass)
- Issues from A9 test fixed (displacement issues, clipping, lighting)
- New lighting and 2d skybox. Updated env light, direction and 2d skybox
- Updated water to custom water to match geyers (credit Nonhuman)
- New overlays
- Changed geyser color slightly
- Red first spawn detailed and 2nd upper door and inner stairway added
- Improved optimization throughout map
- Red distance to A and B from first spawn point ~1 second further away, reduced red respawn time by 2 seconds across all spawn points
- Reduced max cap time by :15 (now max of 8:45)
- Blue final forward spawn detailed
- Parts of C detailed (sampling textures)
Updates include:
- Detailing pass on First two blue spawns and point A area an skybox.
- New custom Geyser particles, new custom lava explosion on D when final point is capped
- Updates to custom Geyser rings, new custom bones
- Small changes to D and C to enable flow
- New custom textures and color pallet on floors, rock walls, and rocks
Updates include:
- Geysers now extinguish players
- The first area has more art pass added. Includes changes to help alleviate bottleneck corner after the first point
- Few clipping fixes
- Small changes around point C to enable better sentry placements but also allow blue to advance after C is capped
- Small changes to point D to enable better sentry placements. The back path now only one way for Red
Updates to A7 include
- Improved optimization throughout the map
- Back route from D to C removed
- Upper route from A to B slightly reworked
- Blue final forward spawn slightly reworked to help with confusion going the wrong direction
- Art pass started on A
- Small changes to D to allow for more space in tight areas
- Health and Ammo changed in a couple of places to improve gameplay
- Slight changes to geyser tech in areas
- Lighting env change
- Improved clipping in areas
Small update to fix:
- Stairs being cut off at the bottom of a room on D
- Spawn visualizer issue for Blue's forward spawns
- Other small issues
Version focused on fixing problems to C. Continued testing to finalize the last point. Updates to this version include:
- More room added to C going into the point. Sightlines removed by a new wall
- Two roll-back zones removed, +:15 after capping B
- New location for Blue forward spawn after capping C. Pictures included of this change
- New overhang favoring blue for capping
- More room added going into D
- Less up and down coming out of B going to C. Less height advantage for Red


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-A change: cart path ~20 units shorter path
-B changes: B slightly narrower
-C changes: Changes to C buildings to better enable blue advance
-D changes: Added more room to D in length, removed geysers, added a building in place with two routes vs one, rib cage that cart passes through
- Alterations to C to make it easier for B to attack
- Completely new D area, testing to see if this area works better than A3
- Fixes across the map from the last version
Few small updates to fix a cart bug:
- Cart now goes up ramp properly on final D
- Board moved from D final
- Fixed door trapping players on Blue spawn, when B is capped
Thanks to everyone who provided feedback and/or tested in the latest tests. Close to going into art pass/Beta after this version.

Updates to this version include:
- Sightlines reduced
- Geyser tech and timing have changed. Geyers are still random, but remain on for 3-4x longer and only remain off for a max of 15 seconds. One Geyers removed from D. Geysers no longer bounce/no lag issue. Improved clipping around geysers
- More health throughout C and D, slight changes to a few positions
- Changes to structures on C to enable better sentry placements, new rollback zone on C,
- New path added to get into D, new spawn room on D, overlook and more room to play, rollback zone length reduced by ~20%
- Cart length from B to C increased by ~200 units
- Cart length from C to D increased by ~200 units
- Spawn door issues fixed
- Reduced overall prop usage
-Fixed displacement issues/cleanup
- Blue first spawn length to point increased by 128 units
- Time added to the clock after capping A reduced by 30 seconds
- Time added to the clock after capping B reduced by 30 seconds
- Maximum clock time reduced by 30 seconds from 10 minutes to 9:30
- 2nd spawn door added to Blue's last forward spawn (this helped enable bot testing for the last point)
- Lots of love for everyone