Exquisite Corpse a3

rip seba

  1. Idolon
    Three maps become one in this vanSulli + Idolon + abp collaboration disaster. We started with a .vmf that had just two payload points and each of us filled out part the rest without knowing what the others were making.

    In loving memory of Seba "Dr. Big Fucker" Seba

    Thanks to Exactol for making a money payload explosion effect. If he releases it I'll add a link here later.


    1. download.jpg
    2. pl_exquisite_corpse_a10000.jpg
    3. pl_exquisite_corpse_a10001.jpg
    4. pl_exquisite_corpse_a10002.jpg
    5. pl_exquisite_corpse_a10003.jpg
    6. pl_exquisite_corpse_a10004.jpg
    7. pl_exquisite_corpse_a10005.jpg
    8. pl_exquisite_corpse_a10006.jpg
    9. pl_exquisite_corpse_a10007.jpg

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