Ex_Excavation a17

Picked up from YM. I'll see how much I can work with this. (GO BIG OR GO HOME)

  1. Asd417
    YM worked from a1 to a9. He posted a10 on the orphanage forum and it looked interesting and decided to pick it up.

    Unique Gamemode that combines rd logic and koth logic. The excavator sprays cores(or in this case just 'ore') on the point when the point is captured. Picking up the core directly counts towards the victory condition but the enemy team can steal your core.

    I think it should be a pretty fast-paced and interesting. There are two objectives each team needs to complete which are 1. capping the point and 2. defending their core.

    I am planning to make a custom model for the excavator if I decide to get serious with this. Probably will.

    I also want to change the layout a bit but that depends on the playtest result.

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